The table below provides some shortcuts you can use in SharePoint 2010. Dedicated to those who do not like using the mouse or trackball. Enjoy!

SharePoint Shortcuts

Site Navigation

Navigate forward/backward through selectable items


Tip: The TAB key also works when selecting items on the ribbon. Press <Enter> to select.

Display all site content


Open [Site Actions] menu


Place cursor in Search box


Go to Home page


Open Help


Expand selected drop-down menu


Cancel changes in a dialog box


Save changes and close dialog box


Select the Skip to main content menu


Content Navigation

Move cursor to the right


Move cursor to the left


Move cursor up one line


Move cursor down one line


Move cursor forward one word


Move cursor back one word


Move cursor to the start of a line


Move cursor to the end of a line


Move cursor up one paragraph


Move cursor down one paragraph


Move cursor up one page

<Page Up>

Move cursor down one page

<Page Down>

Move cursor to beginning of content


Move cursor to end of content


Content Editing

Choose text font


Create numbered list item


Create bulleted list item


Increase indent


Decrease indent


Align left


Align center


Align right


Clear all formatting



Respond to selected survey


Display all received survey responses


Display a graphical summary of survey responses


Save and Close in a form for editing responses


Open the Survey Settings menu


Navigate to the next survey page


Calendar View

Press <Alt>+</> to go to the Site Actions menu and then use <Tab> or <Shift>+<Tab> to navigate between items on the calendar.

Web Parts

Navigate to the next Web Part


Open a Web Part


Open a Web Part menu (with the Web Part selected)


Save changes to a Web Part


Save changes and close the editing pane


Cancel changes and close the editing pane


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